Top Airports In Sydney For Private Jet Travel

Top Airports In Sydney For Private Jet Travel

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Considered as one of the largest countries in the world, Australia has a healthy population of more than 20 million people. With approximately three individuals per square kilometre, the country also has one of the lowest population densities in the world. Australia’s population is largely urbanised and apart from Australians living in coastal regions and eastern states, a handful choose to live in large cities such as Sydney. With that in mind, Sydney is the most populous city in this wealthy country, and thus it is pretty logical that there is a constant demand for private jet charter across the country.

Many would agree that there are many advantages to private jet travel, especially if you are looking to travel in style and luxury. For starters, you get to enjoy the benefits of increased convenience and efficiency. You do not have to fly out of airports with busy hubs or arrive at an airport that requires you to wait long to clear customs and will save you the frustration and stress of going through security lines. And if you are like others who value their privacy, flying private gives you the confidentiality you need.

Likewise, you would not want to miss out on the benefits of booking premium coach hire early on for your airport transfers. By booking ground transportation, you can reach any of Sydney’s luxury hotels from the airport in absolute convenience and comfort. Flying to Sydney via private jet? Check out some of the top airports that you can arrive and depart from:

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD)

Locate within the suburbs of Mascot in Sydney, Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport or just Kingsford-Smith Airport is the country’s busiest airport, and handles the Sydney area and serves more than 30 million passengers on an annual basis. One of the coolest things about Sydney Airport is that it holds historical value and the fact that it still remains in continuous use – impressive for an old airport!

Here, you will find three passenger terminals, and the International Terminal is separated from the second and third by a runway. Sydney Airport has plans to divide itself into two airline-alliance-based precincts. In addition, it will provide regional, domestic, and international aviation services under one roof. If all goes well, it should happen by 2019.

The Oaks Airfield (YOAS)

The Oaks, New South Wales is located in Wollondilly Shire (west of Sydney Australia), and here lies the Oaks Airfield which is a private airfield. The airfield was designed and constructed by the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. Today, it no longer caters to any military activity but caters to recreational and private aviation activities. In addition, it is the grounds where flight training is carried out by the Sydney Recreational Flying Club.

The airfield sits at an elevation of more than 800 feet and has three grass runways; two of them are designated in the 18/36 and 09/27 directions. You should note that the airport has no runway lighting so flight activities are best carried out during daylight hours. If your pilot needs to coordinate arrivals and departures, a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency is available.

Wedderburn Airport (YWBN)

If you are planning to land somewhere in Wedderburn, the Wedderburn Airport will be the perfect choice. If you are planning to explore the outer rural suburb of Sydney Australia, choosing this airport that is near your accommodations is a smart move. This airport is suitable for private jet charters as it also caters to general aviation and small recreational category aircraft.

When using this airport, there are a few simple rules to adhere to. For starters, your aircraft must not exceed 4,000 kilograms and daytime visual flight rules must be followed. Wedderburn airport is equipped with a single asphalt runway that is designated in the 17/35 direction and up-to-date weather information can be acquired from the nearby Camden Airport. Takeoff and landing coordination can be facilitated with the discrete Common Traffic Advisory Frequency.

Bankstown Airport (BWU)

Many rich vacationers use Bankstown Airport for their private jet travels as the airport specializes in general aviation activities. Doubling as a business park (which is home to more than 100 businesses), Bankstown Airport is located in the City of Bankstown which is approximately 22 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD. The total area of the airport is more than 300 ha and features three asphalt runways (the primary runway is 11C/29C), a passenger terminal, and several apron areas. The airport is operational 24 hours a day and remains home to a great number of private aircraft, aircraft maintenance businesses, charter operators and even helicopter flying schools.

You will also love the fact that Bankstown Airport’s main runway features a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and three (medium-sized) stage intensity edge lights. In addition, the airport has its own dedicated air traffic control tower that uses Class D airspace procedures. The control tower is also operated by Airservices Australia. You should note that the current passenger terminal can handle up to 200 passengers per hour as well.

Camden Airport (CDU)

Camden Airport is open for general aviation activities and is located approximately 60 km from Sydney’s CBD. Apart from private charter aircraft and maintenance services, Camden Airport is also an overflow aerodrome for Bankstown Airport for ballooning, gliding and even flying training. The airport comes equipped with two glider strips as well as one asphalt and grass runway designated in the 06/24 and 10/28 directions respectively. Camden currently operates as an ICAO Class D airport and has a non-directional beacon navigation aid.

Using Premier Coach Hire in Sydney for Airport Transfers

If you are travelling to Sydney via a private jet, it is highly recommended that you also opt for Sydney coach hire to travel in elegance and class. Our luxury vehicles accord the status you deserve and can help you arrive and depart from destinations without hassle. What’s more, our chauffeurs are well-trained on the local driving routes and can take care of your needs perfectly. To travel like a king or queen in Sydney, look no further than our luxury airport transfers!

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