Most Photogenic Locations In Brisbane

Most Photogenic Locations In Brisbane

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Brisbane is often playing second fiddle to the likes of Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, but there is something ultra special about this unique destination that the Brisbane locals love dearly. From the iconic city skyline to sprawling mountains to serene lakes and to the winding river, the city of Brisbane is home to some of the photogenic locations in Australia. For example, you have a chance to snap some amazing sunrise and sunset shots, whether you are using a DSLR or a smartphone. When you plan a trip to these wonderful photography spots, make sure to do it in high fashion by choosing Brisbane luxury bus charter as your preferred transportation choice.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

With an expansive view of the sun setting down right behind the city of Brisbane, this spot is certainly one of best photography spots one can think of. The horizon of the sky is filled with brimming combination of red and white as the heavens exhibit tranquillity and calmness before the darkness sets in. There are numerous vantage points from where you can capture the moments, and also stroll down the stairs to get some clicks along the edge of the waters. You can either snap the elegant outline of the city Skyline or capture the city lights at night time. Don’t forget to take your tripod, if you are looking to capture some real-time shot with perfection.


Known to be the only inner city beach in Australia, this streets beach located across the river along Grey Street is a great spot to hangout day in day out. Talking about photography, the enormity of this white sand lagoon is filled with numerous photogenic spots. You have these collective markets on Friday nights filled with expressive faces, as people enjoy the live music and the social vibes of the environment. The favourite pick for most photographers or any visitor alike is the Brisbane Wheel which is lit up all night with vibrant lights. The place is ideal for both colour and greyscale clicks, with good scope of some exceptional additions you can make in post-processing.

Cleveland Point

One of the most popular spots among the locals, the Cleveland Point is one happening destination situated hardly about 30 minutes from the Brisbane city. The showground is filled with a number of water activities including fishing, jet skiing or windsurfing. People flock in numbers for a complete picnic experience with some great music and barbecue facilities on offer. It’s also one of those sunset locations, which is highly preferred as a tranquil spot for nature photography. Additionally, the extensive line of trees outlining the hinterland adds to the elegant composition of land and water. You can also find some really old picture-perfect jetties at the North Street, Cleveland.


The bayside suburb of Shorncliffe on the northern parts of Brisbane is another photogenic spot with some great nature photography on offer. The widely-renowned Shorncliffe pier which is currently undergoing renovation following the termite attack on the stumps is a great spot for bay swimming, picnic and delicious BBQs.  Right from the ocean waves striking the coastline to the rock walls surrounding the area, there are plenty of options you have for the exclusive click you are looking for. Some of the heritage sites in the region include Saltwood, Drew Residence and Musgrave House. Also, don’t miss out on stocking a few snaps of the suburb as it comes to life during the night time!

Woody Point Jetty

The spot is ideal for an expansive view along the wharf at dawn and dusk. At Woody Point Jetty, you’ll experience something best of both the worlds, with breathtaking views of the Moreton Bay on the western part, which is really difficult to spot on the eastern parts of the nation. Watch out for individual anglings and use the jetty lines to get a perspective shot. In association to the cool sea and sand, the warm tinge of the disaster area makes for a great composition. The unique combination of natural colours at this spot, especially during sunset and sunrise is a perfect setting for a wonderful click.

Mount Coot-tha

Need not mention the beauty of this place, the Mount Coot-tha lookout has to be one of the most photogenic locations in Brisbane, with some exceptional sunrise city views and remarkable snaps on offer. There are not many locations in Brisbane where you can soak up the breathtaking views, unless you hire a private helicopter for that. The eclectic blend of colours and lights emerge in their purest form just before the sun covers the horizon at dawn, so make sure you reach the spot at least half hour before to get that desired click. One can also choose to walk up the mountain or paddle their way to explore some unique photographic spots along the trail.

The Redlands: Bayside

Top photogenic locations in the bayside include a number of vantage points across the stretch, including the waterfront location of Manly, Wellington Point and Victoria Point. These bayside areas keep brimming with boats in the harbor, simply resting along the boardwalks. At the point when the water looks tranquil and clear, shoot the reflection spread on the surface. Look out for kite surfers and kayak or kayak groups. The wharfs are awesome for solid lines and viewpoint shots, while mangroves include a touch of enthusiasm at low tide, too. While you’re out there, don’t forget to taste one of the numerous fish and chip takeaways, and indulge yourself thoroughly in this energising setting.

Moreton Island

Make the best of your photography skills to capture the elegance of ocean waves, wreck silhouettes, reflection on the lakes and lagoons at the Moreton Island. Get up high on the lighthouse and detain the entire shot in one frame. For a landscape snap, head towards the Comboyuru Point for some sneaky snaps of the Glass House Mountains. You can also choose to sweat it out by climbing the Sandhills towards the south for an incredible viewpoint shot.

Do you have any favourite Brisbane location where you go for your photography muses? Do share with us!

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