Melbourne Attractions For Arts Lovers

Melbourne Attractions For Arts Lovers

The city of Melbourne is home to a booming arts scene, boasting of numerous galleries ranging from commercial initiatives to public art spaces. Whether you are looking for authentic Australian art or new-age innovative media, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Explore some of the favourite attractions for art lovers by booking luxury coach hire in Melbourne today.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Known to be a leading contemporary art gallery in Australia, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art brings the best of traditional and modern art under one roof with some creative artists and thinkers, inspiring audiences with their talent. ACCA provides a true cultural experience of the Melbourne city, with their innovative program of exhibitions, which have earned a reputation across the globe replicating ruthless artworks by living artists.

The venue is at the Southbank Arts Precinct, nestled inside one of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne. Each exhibition conducted here is accompanied by a range of public, education and curatorial programs including live screenings, performances, expert talks, lectures, music and symposia.

RMIT Gallery

One of the most vivacious public art gallery in Melbourne, RMIT presents an ever-changing program of exhibitions including fine art, new media, technology, architecture, craft and design. The free of cost public program comes with performances, artist talks and seminars offering a social and enjoyable means of experiencing modern culture. Community groups are warmly invited! Tucked neatly in the heart of cultural tourism area in Melbourne and close to the Melbourne Museum, Federation Square and State Library of Victoria, it’s a great place to check out.

Linden New Art

Specialised in showcasing new contemporary art, Linden New Art is a public art gallery that was opened in the year 1986, in the seaside suburb of St Kilda. It is housed inside a mansion of the Victorian era, a unique grand structure making it an ideal place to discover, discuss and observe contemporary art.

The annual exhibition program features masterpieces from Australian and international artists. A range of dynamic events are held throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to meet curators and artists and learn more about contemporary art. Linden building is being upgraded to revitalize and support arts precincts across the city.

Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW)

Widely acclaimed as the leader in the creation of modern tapestry, the Australian Tapestry Workshop is an institution of international repute that was established in the year 1976. This one of a kind workshop in Australia is a master in the production of hand-woven contemporary tapestry. It is housed inside a 19th century commercial building with a Gothic architecture. The former Harcourt & Parry emporium is of immense cultural importance to wider metropolis of the city.

Over the years, the workshop has created over 500 tapestries from monumental hand-woven to palm sized stuff, making use of finest Australian wool, in a unique palette of more than 300 colours. The highly skilled weavers of ATW work in association with national and international artists to produce tapestry widely known for inventive interpretation, technical accomplishment and vibrancy. Many notable artists from Australia and across the world have collaborated with ATW in the past, including the likes of Sheena Wilfred, Brook Andrew, Imants Tillers, Brent Harris, Keith Tyson, Sally Smart, David Noonan, Jorn Utzon, John Olsen, Jon Cattapan and Arthur Boyd.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

At the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, you will transported to a different planet, as you immerse yourself in the world of digital, television, and film culture at the permanent free exhibit of ACMI. It’s the perpetual home of visual arts, some popular film festivals, outstanding cinema, cult classics and a lot more.

Travel into the largest screen gallery in the world to explore motivational exhibitions throughout the year, take part in lively discussions with film and television personalities at one of the culture events, watch quality films in state-of-the-art cinemas or simply visit the ACMI shop to get hands on some quality stuff.

The Dax Centre

The Dax centre is located in the University of Melbourne Grounds, and complements other cultural connections. Over 15000 art items outline the collection at the Dax Centre, all of which have been made by people who have experienced psychological trauma or mental health issues. This unique assortment of Cunningham Dax collection is one of only 3 collections currently existing in the world.

The heritage-listed Centre comprises of a purposely built gallery space in which a wide selection of art is exhibited. Every year, 3 semi-permanent exhibitions are held with a theme focusing on various aspects if emotional wellbeing and mental health. The displays are used as an asset to promote conversation and bring understanding through topic of arts, which is accessible to wider community.

The Centre conducts an active and fun learning program, utilizing its collections to boost understanding through all ages. The main objective is to make an impact by creating the space discovery of issues covering the experience of psychological trauma and mental health. By doing so, it will reduce associated mystery and stigma that occurs.

Flinders Lane Gallery

The dynamic Melbourne Art Gallery has been exhibiting collectable and exceptional artworks since the year 1989. It is situated in the heart of the city, in the Flinders Lane cultural precinct, showcasing new solo exhibitions by local and emerging artists. Claire Harris, the director of the Gallery is dedicated to promote the work of Australian artists, ensuring that the dynamic program offers opportunities to both established and emerging artists. She brings a new perspective to the Gallery stage, thanks to her 17 years of experience, working in the arts. She has made sure that the artists representing the gallery reflects the issues of modern practice and shifting interests.

Since the inception of gallery, a select group of Aboriginal artists have also represented it, with a prime focus on vitality, diversity and quality of this significant art movement. The gallery promotes understanding and encourages respect for complex cultural and spiritual traditions, through exhibiting aboriginal artworks with background stories and information to support the same.  

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