Melbourne 10 Best Hotels For Luxury Travel

Melbourne 10 Best Hotels For Luxury Travel

Melbourne is the third largest city in Australia with so many things to offer from luxury hotels with plenty of amenities to scenic destinations that will definitely take your breath away. If you are looking for the perfect getaway for your next vacation, Melbourne is a wonderful choice, especially when you use coach hire in Melbourne to help you tour comfortably.

Of course, one of the key factors that you should consider is accommodations in Melbourne and if you are used to the fine things in life, you will find Melbourne in your league as it has many fine hotel options at your disposal. Here are some of the most amazing hotels that you may want to consider when planning for your vacation in Melbourne.

Crown Towers

This is one of the top hotels in Australia and as you would have guessed, it is a 5-star hotel. It goes a long way to set the benchmark for some of the fanciest hotels in Australia. This amazing hotel offers extravagant accommodations and is perfectly situated in the heart of Melbourne. Regarding the hotel amenities, you are definitely going to enjoy every bit of it with 24/7 attention from their caring and attentive hotel personnel. All your needs will be perfectly met at Crown Towers.

The Langham

The Langham is a posh hotel in Australia, popularly known for its intimate interiors. It is the perfect haven for couples who are on their honeymoons and are looking for the most luxurious hotel to celebrate their union. Each room is furnished with the most elegant furniture. It is also an ideal place for business travellers who value authentic and personalized hotel services.

This fancy hotel is found at the Southgate Avenue, which is along the Southbank Promenade. The hotel also has a unique restaurant serving great cuisine. It also has a bar and lounge, which are ideal for relaxation. The Langham is definitely the Melbourne hotel that will blow your mind.

Adelphi Hotel

You can also check out Adelphi Hotel, which is known for its versatility and entertainment options. Its nicely furnished rooms come with entertainment systems that will make your stay worth the while. In addition, it has well-ventilated bathrooms and other perks. There is a dedicated coffee machine in your hotel suite whenever you want to enjoy a cup of espresso.  In essence, Adelphi promises a good range of amenities for all its guests. If you truly want to enjoy your Melbourne vacation, then you should definitely consider booking a room at this hotel.

Westin Melbourne Hotel

This oasis of luxury is situated at the heart of Melbourne. At the Westin Melbourne Hotel, you will be able to treat yourself to scenic views of the Melbourne Town Hall among other points of interest. The design of the hotel suites factors the needs of vacationers from providing quality furniture, beds, heavenly showers, free Wi-Fi and other terrific facilities. The cuisine you can find here is also exceptional. You can enjoy the classiest wines found in the hotel’s Wine Room, not to mention the private outdoor terrace that offers amazing city views for your relaxation.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

This iconic hotel boasts some of the best facilities you can find in a hotel. It is conveniently located in the Central Business District, making it easily accessible from the airport. The hotel has a top-notch restaurant that serves up great food. It also has a great fitness club, which is ideal for those who need to hit the gym regularly. You will find unique art works by great Australian artists in every room.

Quay West Suites Melbourne

This is definitely the place to be if you want to get the most amazing view of the cityscape and the great Yarra River. It offers the luxury of a well-furnished apartment – just like a home away from home. The hotel is located at Southbank and promises many fine amenities. The hotel’s one, two or three-bedroom suites come with amenities such as fully furnished kitchens and more. If you prefer more privacy or are travelling with your family, Quay West Suites Melbourne is the right place for you.

Park Hyatt Melbourne

This popular hotel overlooks St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Fitzroy Gardens. Located at the heart of the city of Melbourne, this luxurious hotel offers accommodation options that will please any discerning traveller.  Its exceptionally personalized services perfectly match its ambience. The hotel suites have walk-in wardrobes and feature great Italian marble bathroom. In addition, you can enjoy amazing Australian cuisine at its main restaurant and spend a nice evening in the hotel’s bar and lounge.

Hotel Lindrum Melbourne

Hotel Lindrum boasts some of the best hotel accommodation and facilities you can find in Melbourne. The hotel has a Billiard room that pays great tribute to the building’s history. You will also find an amazing restaurant and bar with great treats. When staying at the hotel, you can easily access some of Melbourne renowned attractions such as theatres. Moreover, the hotel’s services are personalized, so you will always feel valued as a VIP here at Hotel Lindrum Melbourne.

Crown Promenade

The luxurious hotel is located in the Southbank area. You can watch the changes in Melbourne’s cityscape from its floor-to-ceiling windows. When you visit their main restaurant, you can enjoy the best cuisine from professional chefs who have mastered the art of culinary success.

Quest Flemington

This hotel is located next to Melbourne Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse. If you appreciate free Wi-Fi in your lodgings, then Quest Flemington will make you a happy hotel guest. In addition, you will find full laundry and kitchen facilities in your hotel suite room that will make you live in Melbourne like a local. There are also outdoor pools and tennis courts for you to use if you fancy some sporting activities.

Planning an Amazing Vacation in Melbourne

To make the most out of your stay in this beautiful city, you have to do your research and plan in advance. Besides staying at the most luxurious hotels here, you need to plan how you are going to commute while on vacation. When you use Melbourne premier coach hire services, it will ensure a seamless transit between destinations, helping you travel in style like the way you truly deserve!

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