A Guide To Fine Dining In Sydney

A Guide To Fine Dining In Sydney

Sydney is a city with vibrant lifestyle and diverse cultures, with people from all backgrounds invading the space. This alone is the reason why we have some of the best dining centres in the city with a plethora of national and international cuisines to choose from. Whether it is continental, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or Asian, there is something for everyone in the harbor city. Check out some of these top dining spots in the city, and don’t forget to book premier coach hire in Sydney for a hassle-free commute to these dining venues.

The Paddington

With the menu all about the chucks of lamb, rotisserie, carrots and even whole birds taking their spots on the skewer, the Paddington is the latest addition to the Merivale Group, thanks to some bold moves by the star British chef Ben Greeno, who recently parted his ways from Momofuku Seiobo. Come in with your friends or family to experience an exemplary culinary delight at a place which is neither a restaurant, nor a pub, but an eclectic mix of both.

Bar Brosé

Analiese Gregory is undeniably one of the best cooks in Sydney, and God, this lady is seriously good at what she does.  Formerly associated with Numero 7, Bras and Quay, she’s up there with her own kitchen forming a team of young guns from the ACME. Bite into a late-night sandwich all day long or taste the delectable comte gougere and the blooming onion, while you can also check out the premium wine list by Katrina Birchmeier 


Looking for some vegetable delicacies with an appetizing course of meal?  Brent Savage presents to you smart and refined cooking at the Yellow, where everything meaty has been turned into vegan, and it works like a magic. Some of the favourite picks include carrot sorbet, whipped coconut, a parsnip pappardelle, enoki mushroom and the popular kohlrabi. Soak up the soothing atmosphere of the dining space and revel in the savoury environment.

Bennelong Restaurant

An ideal Australian dining experience awaits you at the Bennelong, headed by the likes of John Fink, Kylie Ball and Peter Gilmore. This magnificent opera house front space has been given a fresh breath of life by the Fink Group and is one of the quintessential dining spots in all of the city. Give your taste buds some lingering with the witcharred pickled cucumber, line caught southern squid or the red claw crayfish with some lemon jam. 

Restaurant Hubert

The Swillhouse Group of the Shady Pines Saloon and the Baxter Inn have collaborated with the seasoned campaigners, along with the star chef Daniel Pepperell to coin a new restaurant that is already up there on the list. Be ready to be amazed by some. Delectable French cuisines including the French dessert, sardine katsu, chicken fricassee with shiitake and melon en surprise. And if that doesn’t fix the craving for you, don’t miss out on checking the Andy Tyson’s wine list.


Chef Nathan Sasi, a wanderer of sorts has fine-tuned a delectable menu to finally open the doors of Mercado, which makes you feel as if you are buying the delicacies right from the core Spanish markets. It is one big operation unit where the charcuterie, breads and cheese are manufactured within the kitchen, and you’ll be lured into checking the menu again and again with some top treats including Ortiz anchovy tart, truffle mortadella and the barbecue hot chorizo. So if you are looking for something Spanishly yummy, this is the place to be, any day of the week!


The enchanting open-air waterfront location of Anason makes it a preferred choice for food lovers, and specially the Turkish cuisine. This bistro is managed by the star chef Somer Sivrioglu of Efendy, who’s popularly known for assembling some of best dishes under one roof. Set on the hostelry along the Bosphorus, the menu includes sesame-crusted bread in the name of simit, and the cured salmon pastirma. With some spicy meals on offer, you are certain to be licking your fingers all over!

Momofuku Seiobo

Paul Carmichael has come all the way from the Caribbean to Australia to join hands with David Chang for a dining spot that is worth the price tag it attaches to itself.  With an eclectic mix of Australian ingredients and Caribbean touch, Carmichael presents to you two of his favourite dishes including dashi cuttlefish with green mango and Chicken skin coated in Jerk sauce. If you are done with the dining part, you can walk into the bar and get some of the best deals on premium drinks. Come along with your friends and the experience the best cuisine diversity.


There are plenty of reasons to put Automata on the bucket list, as its one of the first outpost by the former Viajante and Momofuku Seiobo Chef Clayton Wells’ who has taken an extra measure in serving modern food on 5-course with frequently changing recipes that slide between luscious to damn delicious. You have the likes of fermented cabbage, roasted lettuce and the duck hearts to choose from. Some of the great wine tastings also await you in the hands of Tim Watkins, which are sure to perk up your taste buds!

Continental Deli Bar Bistro

Led by Sarah Doyle and Elvis Abrahanowicz, the team brings back the lost culture of preserving everything in tins, and this is not just limited to peas, pears or the seafood. You can also have tinned crème caramel with potato chips, tinned okra or a platter of sliced charcuterie and cheeses. You are going to appreciate the branded tins even more when you get a martini in there!


Owned by a world renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda, Tetsuya’s cuisines are based on classical French theme, Australian ingredients and Japanese recipes.  The restaurant is internationally recognized for its most photographed dish, the Confit of Tasmanian Ocean Trout, which hasn’t left its position on the menu since two decades ago. In association with the French enterprise Claude’s, Tetsuya’s brings a new taste to top dining style in the city of Sydney.

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