A Guide To Fine Dining In Melbourne

A Guide To Fine Dining In Melbourne

Melbourne is an absolute heaven for culinary travellers with savoury cuisines from almost all parts of the world, including Spain, Japan, Italy, India and many more.  Top class international and home grown chefs together form a dynamic dining scenario in the city, making it one of the top choices for food lovers across the world. Here’s a rundown of some of the best dining spots in town, with some scrumptiously amazing eateries on offer. Don’t forget to book luxury minibus hire so that you and your group of diners can arrive at these venues in style!


With a garden cottage setting at the Sunnybrae site, the Brae is hardly a couple of hour’s drive from the Melbourne CBD, with a dedicated crew committed towards providing delectable cuisines, right from the crunch of gravel to the pistachio trees. In the opening snacks, you have the beef tendons puffed and the raw prawns, with some crazily refreshing tomato consommé.  The tables are dressed with a succulent, while the room displays elegance with eucalypt greens.  

However, the main attraction is the meat treat after the dinner, which includes Italian biscuit, egg white swapped with pig’s blood, rolled in pistachios to make for a closing retreat of a chef who has his own style of cooking. So if you are looking for something uniquely scrumptious in the city of Melbourne, this is the place to step in!

Rockpool Bar & Grill

Rockpool sets very high standards among the other quality dining spots in Melbourne, thanks to the masculine steak by Neil Perry. With his produce-driven ideology, Perry’s menu is all about serving the finest produce in all of Australia. It is best known for its dry-aged beef, wood grilled, sensational, grass fed menu list that serves the best of seafood cravings.

The signature dish of this restaurant is the ‘four raw tastes of the sea’ which includes tuna with a flicker of coriander and ginger, ocean trout with a harissa, kingfish in smoked oyster and the gob-smacking quartet. The dish is an exceptional example of handling the ingredient with minimum fuss. Being a crown restaurant, it represents a swath of humanity with dimly lit tables and seamless service, along with flawlessness of the produce and the taste you pay for.


Chef Aaron Turner and partners turned their back to the fried chicken shop in order to open a dining room without any menu, at the Turner’s old stomping ground in Geelong; 40-minute drive from Melbourne. Go on a culinary mystery tour with five or eight courses choice, as you experience a sort of dining that can pump up the affectation in the room like anything. The opening snacks include whipped cod roe, crisp chicken skin and poultry prosciutto wrapped around a grissini stick.

Most of the courses are cooked on a steel charcoal grill as the name Igni itself refers to fire. Taste some grilled oyster with oyster leaf and seaweed emulsion, grilled marron bones, cured wagyu with fermented grains and the noodles. This is the sort of restaurant where after an 8 course meal, you come out into the Geelong night wondering what place to visit next, with a full tummy!

Dinner by Heston

Certainly one of the most elegant, modern dining rooms in an opulent hotel, Dinner by Heston has a menu inspired by Brit culinary culture. Walk briskly through the entrance with leathery fragrance and damp moss to enter the plush dining hall with vibrant colours and textures. Some gastronomic delights of the ancient age await you, along with an option to choose from a wide range of historic cocktails.

The iconic dish Salamagundy is an ideal chicken oyster and caramelized skin with pickled walnuts. Frumenty is another popular dish from the 1390s which is basically a grilled octopus with a chewy base. With the kitchen equipped with modern equipments, there is absolutely nothing that can beat the possibilities set by Blumenthal. Even a caramelized pineapple is an option! An easy-going dinner on the offing will only make you head back to this place once and forever.

Press Club

The Press Club is one of the high-end contemporary Greek restaurants in a modern-design space with big overhead gold dishes. It’s a cherished 32-seater with reflective surfaces and ten curved leather boots that offer a complete dining experience in a beautiful setting.  The tasting menus include the La Carte option for lunch and a delectable dinner that is served by a couple of waiters moving in Unison, without anyone spotting the fancy doors.

The two rows of banquettes are mirrored and hung over to make it appear like an upside-down gold jammed to the roof.  Given an open mind and wallet, you have numerous options with the wine list, be it the vintage Salon Cuvee or the natural Shiraz.This George Calombaris dining spot is not pretentious, rather more playful, with an objective to provide the visitors with the relaxed spirit of Greek hospitality and the scrumptious meal.


Headed by the New Zealand Chef, Ben Shewry, Attica is a world-class restaurant in the city with plenty to please your platter craving. Shewry cooks some of the most unique dishes that trade with fresh simple cooking and chucks out the application of hyped-up ingredients.  He summons palatability from blue mussel, king whiting, native leaves and small quantities of sustainable seafood. The creamy burst of ocean will explode from the rice flour as you taste the flash fried mussel, which is followed by walnut puree topped with cabbage flower and pine mushrooms.

The dining room is just as exceptional as the dish with a muted appetite of charcoal carpets, banquettes and drapes, alongside the grayscale countryside photos adding to the visual appeal. The 8-course degustation including premium wines may come with a price, but the experience that you get will be a mind blowing one. If you are a couple, you just cannot miss out a date at this venue!

If you are travelling in a group and going on a luxury food hunt, hire a luxury minibus in Melbourne so that you and the other food lovers can enjoy a convenient and comfortable ride.

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