Top Airports In Melbourne For Private Jet Travel

Top Airports In Melbourne For Private Jet Travel

Use Melbourne Luxury Minibus Hire for All Your Private Jet Transfers at These Airports!

Stretching inland from Port Philip Bay and situated on the Yarra River, Melbourne is one Australia’s hub of culture, style and sports. Being the most populous city in the state of Victoria, Melbourne’s cultural endeavours span from literature, art, music, comedy as well as major festivals and events. It is easy to see why many tourists and locals are flocking to the city all year round.

What this means is that the city’s aviation activities are aplenty as well. With an increasing number of corporate executives and celebrities preferring to arrive in their private jets, many of Melbourne’s airports are well-equipped for such flights.

Travelling via private jet entails a great number of upsides, including no waiting times and no queues while clearing customs. If you prefer to travel in style, be sure to also book coach hire in Melbourne. You will get your own dedicated ground transport vehicle, and you can schedule your own move off timings and more. If you are travelling to Melbourne via private jet, do check out some of the top airports that you can arrive and depart from:

Avalon Airport (AVV)

Located approximately 50km to the south-west of Melbourne, Avalon Airport is a public airport owned by the Department of Defence. Operated by Linfox, the airport provides connections to major tourism destinations such as the scenic Great Ocean Road. Avalon Airport comes equipped with one asphalt runway that is designated in the 18/36 direction and has a helipad as well.

The airport sits at an elevation of more than 100 feet above mean sea level. The total area of its current passenger terminal facility is more than 4,000 square metres and houses four gates. Combining the parking bays in the airport’s Northern and Eastern Apron, there are a total of eight. The bays are spacious enough to accommodate aircraft that are the size of Boeings and Airbuses.

Coldstream Airport (YCEM)

Coldstream Airport is located in Greater Melbourne’s township of Coldstream. It is a relatively small Australian regional and private airfield owned by the Doake family. In addition, the airport is currently operated by Yarra Valley Flight Training. Sitting at an elevation of more than 200 feet above mean sea level, the airport comes equipped with one asphalt runway that is designated in the 17/35 direction.

Coldstream Airport does not only cater to general/recreational aviation activities but also cater to the flight training endeavours of the Australian Centre for Mission Aviation. Pilots are trained to fly in Arnhem Land and Papua New Guinea. In addition, the airport is also working closely with the Coldstream Flyers Club to improve its facilities for both social and flying members.

Essendon Airport (MEB)

Do you know that the Essendon Airport is popular with many celebrities visiting Melbourne? Located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and at Essendon Fields, Essendon Airport is a public airport owned and operated by Zavanti Holdings Pty. Ltd. and Essendon Airport Pty. Ltd. respectively. Serving mainly Melbourne, the airport is also located just 13 kilometres away from the Melbourne’s City Centre.

The airport sits at an elevation of more than 280 feet above mean sea level, and has two asphalt runways in the 08/26 and 17/35 directions. Apart from serving international flights, Essendon Airport has also been catering its facilities to general aviation activities since the 1970s. It hosts regular charters and tourist flights as well as private and freight aircraft.

Lilydale Airport (YLIL)

Located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Lilydale Airport is less than 50 minutes away from the city’s Central Business District. This is a privately owned airport and it mainly caters to private and recreational pilots. Lilydale stands at an elevation of more than 240 feet above mean sea level and is equipped with one runway designated in the 18/36 direction.

One of the best things about using Lilydale Airport is that it offers pilots and passengers the flexibility to travel to places that are inaccessible by conventional means. For business and private jet travellers, it also means travelling to regional and country destinations is much faster. You can dictate your own schedule and spend less time in transit. In addition, the airport offers a private lounge with full facilities and your holiday begins from the moment you arrive at the airport.

Moorabbin Airport (MBW)

Moorabbin Airport is a public airport located between several Melbourne suburbs. It mostly caters to general aviation activities and light aircraft. Operated by Moorabbin Airport Corporation, the airport has an elevation of approximately 50 feet above mean sea level and has five intersecting asphalt runways in the 04/22, 13R/31L, 13L/31R, 17R/35L and 17L/35R directions. In addition, Moorabbin Airport is also home to several helicopter terminals, a control tower, an air museum as well as several flight training facilities. Moorabbin Airport maintains a non-directional beacon and its runways are equipped with low intensity runway lighting.

Melbourne Airport (MEL)

Located just 23 kilometres from Melbourne’s city centre, Melbourne Airport is the second busiest airport in the country. It is currently owned by Leased Federal Airport and is operated by Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited. Melbourne Airport sits at an elevation of more than 430 feet above mean sea level and offers two intersecting asphalt runways designated in the 09/27 and 16/34 directions. The airport features four terminals and has a total of 56 gates (international and domestic combined). To help pilots combat low visibility conditions (most commonly fog), Melbourne Airport has installed a Category III landing system. Although it’s an international airport serving many airlines, many private jet users are also fond of landing at this airport.

Using Luxury Minibus Hire in Melbourne for Your Airport Transfers

Whether you are on vacation or business travel with a group of more than 8 people, hiring a luxury coach or minibus will make drop-offs and pick-ups much more convenient for you. In addition, you can travel to and fro destinations in the same stylish manner as you did with your private jet. We have been serving many private jet users with our Melbourne airport transfer over the years and we know how to carve a perfect ride for our distinguished VIP clients, so let us impress you with our capabilities!

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