Top Airports In Brisbane For Private Jet Travel

Top Airports In Brisbane For Private Jet Travel

Use our Brisbane Corporate Transfers for these Airports When You Travel Via Private Jet!

You can make your next business trip to Brisbane perfect by arriving on the right foot. Let’s put the focus on transportation. For those accessing Brisbane via private air travel, you know how important it is to arrive in style. Private chartered flights are great because you can fly to and from Brisbane at a time convenient for your arrival and departure.

After booking and making the arrangements for your private flight, it is pertinent that you consider opting for coach hire in Brisbane as well. By choosing corporate transfer services with experienced drivers, you not only can reach your accommodations in good time but you can also enjoy travelling across the city in utmost comfort.

For the privileged, using a private jet charter is a way of way and one of the most important decisions you may have to make is with regards to which airport you want to land and depart from. Here’s a look at the Brisbane airports you can choose for private air travel:

Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Brisbane Airport is Australia’s third busiest international airport and services more than 20 airlines flying to international and domestic destinations. Due to its exceptional on-time performance, the airport is rated as the fourth-best performing airport in the world (in the medium-sized airport category). The airport is owned by Leased Federal Airport and operated by Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited.

Apart from its domestic and international passenger terminals, general aviation and cargo terminals are also available. Brisbane Airport stands at an elevation of more than 10 feet above mean sea level as well as features two asphalt runways designated in the 01R/19L and 14/32 directions. The main facility that handles private flights and other VIP aircraft movements is called the Hawker Pacific Private Flight Facility. It is located on the south-eastern side of the airport.

Archerfield Airport (YBAF)

Located less than 15km to the south of Brisbane, Archerfield Airport is a public airport operated by Archerfield Airports Corporation. It was the primary airport in Brisbane for some time and was also used as a Royal Australian Air Force station during the Second World War. Archerfield Airport is reported to have an elevation of over 60 feet above mean sea level as well as four runways designated in the 10R/28L, 10L/28R, 04L/22R and 04R/22L directions.

Two of the runways remain natural and unpaved while the other two are asphalt. Archerfield Airport caters to general aviation activities and its tower is only open from 0700 and 1700 hours. A Common Traffic Advisory Frequency is utilised after these hours. Do note that the grass runways are not available when CTAF is in use.

Amberley Airport (FVJ)

Also known as RAAF Base Amberley, the military airbase is located just 50km southwest of Brisbane. While it is home to the RAAF Base Amberley, it is also a local airport that services private planes. The airport has an elevation of nearly 92 feet above mean sea level as well as two concrete/asphalt runways designated in the 04/22 and 15/33 directions. Since the airport’s inception, it has gone through an extensive re-development program and can now house military aircraft such as F/A-18F Super Hornets, C-17 Globemasters and more. As mentioned, the airfield caters to general aviation activities so you can enjoy a fast and easy check-in process when you use this airport.

Southport Airport (SHQ)

Located less than 77km from Brisbane’s city centre, Southport Airport is a small private airport that caters mainly to private air charter flights for business or leisure travel. Operated by the Southport Flying Club, the airport stands at an elevation of 5 feet above mean sea level as well as features one natural runway designated in the 01/19 direction. In addition, do note that both runways have a displaced threshold as there are trees located at each end.

Gold Coast Airport (OOL)

Located near Surfers Paradise Airport (less than 30 km away) and approximately 100 km south of Brisbane, Gold Coast Airport (or Coolangatta Airport) is a public airport that is owned and operated by Queensland Airports Limited. Being the hub for airlines such as Seair Pacific and Jetstar Airways, Gold Coast Airport is rated as the 6th busiest airport in the country.

The airport sits at an elevation of nearly 22 feet above mean sea level and features two asphalt runways designated in the 14/32 and 17/35 directions. Most of the airlines here operate from the main terminal which is T1. Seair Pacific, on the other hand, operates from a dedicated hangar in the general aviation segment of the airport. The airport is modern as it can be and one of the technologies installed here is the Instrument Landing System (ILS). This will help planes land safely during adverse weather conditions.

Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY)

Sunshine Coast Airport is a public airport that is located less than 120 km from Brisbane’s city centre. It is currently owned and operated by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. With an elevation of 15 feet above mean sea level as well as two (asphalt and paved) runways designated 18/36 and 12/30, Sunshine Coast Airport is the principal airport for the Sunshine Coast. The pilot rounds of general aviation activities date back to the late 1950s. Today, the airport is still an important hub for a variety of general aviation activities and regular public transport services. Sunshine Coast Airport has a single-storey terminal and its departure lounge is spacious enough to accommodate a 300-people seating.

Using Brisbane Corporate Transfers for Your Private Jet Arrivals & Departures

If you are travelling to Brisbane for a business trip and arriving by private jet, you will know the importance of premium transport. Booking a luxury coach or minibus can help you make the transfer from air to land in seamless way. There are also great amenities onboard our luxury vehicles that can keep you comfortable throughout your journey.

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