Summer Travel Ideas For NSW

Summer Travel Ideas For NSW

Use NSW Luxury Minibus Hire To Explore These Summer Destinations!

The ideal time to put your step forward for a summer vacation in New South Wales is during the summer months. With laidback towns, scenic backdrop and an extensive stretch of coastline, the state has got plenty to offer in the warmer months. If you are looking to explore this expansive region in its entirety, make sure to choose luxury minibus hire in NSW for stylish travel to these popular summer destinations.

Discover the Immaculate Beaches of Sydney

Popularly known for its fancy beach lifestyle, the capital city of NSW is a surfer paradise for people of all ages and abilities. Travel across to one of the pristine beaches for swimming, walking or relaxing by the shoreline, with plenty to soak up. Bondi beach, with its vibrant nightlife is highly recommended during the summer tides. Dip your toes in the warm waters of the coast and watch the massive sun rising over the Pacific Ocean. The Manly Sea Life Sanctuary brings you the pleasure of diving with the sharks, while the Bondi-Coogee trail stretching across a length of 6 km offers expansive views of the land and ocean, with some great water-sport opportunities as well.  

Explore Heaven on Lord Howe Island

Situated on the north coast of New South Wales, around 600 km off the Port Macquarie’s coast, this world-heritage site is a crescent shaped island, set against the backdrop of a relaxing atmosphere, where getting around on foot or by bike is an ideal choice. The natural forest of the region, along with the idyllic twin peaks is an invitation for the hikers and walkers to explore this place on foot. The pristine waters of the island are ideal for a range of activities including surfing, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving. If you are looking for some thrilling adventure, go for the Mount Gower Hike around 875 meters, considered as one of the best hikes in the world.

Take a leisure walk in the lush green canopies in the Valley of Shadows, or cast away at the Blinky beach for the Australian salmon. Hand-feed the fishes at the Neds Beach, and enjoy windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Lord Howe is also a premier bird-watching destination with  over 130 migratory bird species and 64 those of those flowering plants along the walking tracks. Accommodation options are available in plenty to suit all budgets.

Chill Down at the Snowy Mountains

In the scorching heat of the season, there can be no better place than the scenic Snowy Mountains of Victoria. Known to be the highest peak in Australia and home to enlivening alpine wilderness, the Snowy Mountains present an eye-catching panorama of glacial lakes, mountains and rivers. Enjoy horse riding through the wildflowers during the warmer months, or experience mountain biking and bushwalking.

For a revitalizing dose of alpine views and crispy mountain breeze, head to the Kosciuszko National Park, as this is the ideal time  to hike this wonderful scenery. The Summit walk will expose you to some of the breathtaking views of the rugged landscape. With an abundance of rainbow trout, brook and Atlantic salmon, the spot is also ideal for fishing.  Explore the historic towns of Tumbarumba, Nimmitabel, Dalgety and Cooma, as you pass by the region. Vibrant nightlife and dining precincts can be found in nearby areas of Thredbo and Perisher.

Go Snorkelling in Sydney

Grab your pair of snorkels and take a dip into the pristine waterways of the capital, as you experience the splendid aquatic environment that exists beneath the waters, with a variety of marine creatures gliding past at a leisure pace. Cabbage Tree Bay and Shelly Beach are two of the most popular snorkelling spots in Sydney, providing safe options for the beginners, with great visibility.

Clovelly Beach is another recommended spot, given its rocky headlands and breakwater shelter. The entire place is like a massive aquarium filled with starfish, kelpfish, the bluey Gropers, sponges, toadfish, scalyfin and the Port Jackson Shark. Bounded by off-shore reef, the crystal clear waters of the Gordon Bay is home to gropers, baby sharks, goatfish and cuttlefish, while the Little Bay in Port Botany has some anemones and black urchins for you.

Enjoy Delectable Gourmet Food and Wine in the Hunter Valley

Known to be the oldest wine region in Australia, the Hunter Valley is known for its gourmet delights, acclaimed wines, cellar doors, vineyards and the scenic landscape. Hardly a couple of hour’s drive from the capital, the Hunter Valley region with its rich soils produces some of the best wines, with the most popular being the Semillon.  Delicious restaurants, young winemakers and family-owned wineries make this place, a special one. Some of the most picturesque wine regions of Australia is set against the backdrop of Broken Back Range, with plenty to do, including farmers markets, festivals and winery tour. Go skydiving or hot-air ballooning to experience the bird-eye view of the region.

Given the extensive number of cellar doors in this region, there are loads of wine tasting tours, with suitable accommodation options if you are looking to stay back for a day or two. The peaceful environment is also ideal for rejuvenation and relaxation, with numerous day spa options available to pamper your soul. Golf courses are available in few spots for some sporting activities.

Outback Camping in NSW

From lush wetlands teeming with wildlife to sun-baked sand dunes, you’ll discover everything in the outback national parks. Spend some time to know more about how the flora and fauna of this region has survived the rough environment. For centuries, the aboriginal inhabitants of the region have appreciated its fragile beauty. Witness the rock art, some 300 decades old at the Mutawintji National Park, or spot the remains of Mungo Woman and Mungo Man at the Mungo National Park.

You will find some of the most remote areas in this region, including corner country, White Cliffs, Broken Hill and Lightning Ridge.  Explore the history behind the Kinchega National Park, or go bush camping in Paroo-Darling National Park, beside the Darling River.

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