Most Photogenic Locations In Melbourne

Most Photogenic Locations In Melbourne

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A photographer’s eye can find a subject in almost every living and non-living thing existing on this planet, and the amount of satisfaction derived from a candid picture is priceless. Melbourne has a lot to offer in terms of photogenic locations across the city, and if you are looking to access some of these listed below, make sure to choose luxury bus charter in Melbourne for a comfortable and convenient ride to these unique spots.

Hosier Lane

Located right in the heart of the city at the Flinders Street, the Hosier Lane or more popularly known as the Graffiti Lane is a great place to photograph some of the best urban art on the streets. Here, you’ll find a number of connecting laneways painted with wonderful spray paintings made by local artists. A majority of artwork you will find at this spot may be of a socio-political theme, but each of them is worth being photographed. Hardly a couple of minutes walk from the Flinders Street Station, the lane has a series of graffiti from that of Lord Ganesha to Mother Mary.

Princes Pier

The 580 meter long historic pier on Port Philip is hardly half an hour drive from Melbourne CBD, and is an ideal location for sunset photography. It’s a perfect spot for long exposure shooting, with great results to extract. Every time you visit this location, there is a different subject to ponder upon, with some unique nature photographic opportunities. Also, since the place is quite peaceful and calm, you’ll enjoy photographing even more in the tranquil environment.

South Melbourne Beach Area

If you enjoy the idea of capturing the laid-back atmosphere of beach lifestyle with soaked benches, wooden bridges, and splendid walkways, this is the place for you. Make sure to visit the spot early in the morning, when there is not enough light. You will be amazed to snap some great clicks in the soft light, against the backdrop of a picturesque location. With a horde of subjects lined up for you to capture, there is something to suit every frame.  The beach area is located in close proximity to the city centre.

South Yarra Love Lock Foot Bridge

A prime tourist attraction in this beautiful city, the South Yarra Love Lock Foot Bridge represents the culture and freedom right in the heart of the city. People from all across the nation and different parts of the world come here to lock their love and toss away the keys in the Yarra river that flows under. There is plenty to capture at this exhilarating spot, apart from the bridge itself. ‘Ponyfish’, a waterside bar is a great place to click amazing scenery of the nearby surrounding regions.

Webb Bridge at Docklands

Situated at a walking distance from the southern cross station, and quiet close to the city, the Webb Bridge is an architectural beauty and a masterpiece subject to showcase some exceptional photography skills. Long exposure shots of the bridge can be taken from different angles, especially during night, when the dazzling lights are on. This is a must visit area for any photography enthusiast, especially those who love structures and designs as a prime subject.

The Stunning Docklands

This certainly has to be the best photography precinct in the whole of Melbourne, with opportunities to capture landscape long exposure images from astonishing angles. This is where you can take those award-winning photographs that may well win you a competition. You’ll get a lot to snap from all the directions, but the main attractions here are the yachts, boats and the docks. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit this place, you will always find something to cover, with the right intensity of light and colour to get the proper combination.

Flinders Street Station Area

Rather a strange location for photography, but if you see from a photographer’s point of view, there’s a lot to capture in the surrounding regions of Flinders Street Station. The iconic building is one of the most famous landmarks in Melbourne, beautifully lit up with spotlights in the night time and is worth the frame. The structure is so pleasing that you will even manage to snap a perfect picture from your smartphone. This is a must visit, if you enjoy clicking, and looking forward to include one more feather in your travel books.

Federation Square

An internationally renowned art and cultural centre of Melbourne, the Federation Square is a reflection of the Times Square in USA. Major national and cultural events are conducted at this place, which is offered to the citizens free of cost. This gives you an opportunity to capture emotions and reactions of people as they witness an exciting menagerie of works, which themselves are worth the click.  The large sitting area caters to a huge crowd, and this is your best opportunity for some diverse photography reflecting the spirit of the city.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Known to be one of the top casinos in the world and the best one in Australia, the Crown Casino and entertainment complex is more than just a gambling house. With peaceful bridges overlooking the Yarra River, riverside walk, beautiful walkways and delectable cuisines from some of the finest restaurants, the place is ideal for stunning photography. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a subject of matter in this mini-world of entertainment, where everything happens on an exciting note.

The Splendid Cityscape

Last, but not the least, Melbourne as a city is not only one of the best holiday destinations in the world, but also a beautiful cityscape outlined with extensive coastline, beautiful laneways, iconic buildings and vibrant lifestyle. The best way to photograph this city is to walk and explore, and the more you do it, better are the chances of finding the subject you had been searching for. Stop by at a few notable places, and take your time to soak up the same in a manner that reflects in your imagery!

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