Melbourne’s Top Shopping Destinations

Melbourne’s Top Shopping Destinations

Shop Till You Drop in Melbourne and Hire a Coach to Go on a Shopping Marathon!

Are you planning for a weekend getaway to Melbourne? If you are travelling with a group, be sure to arrange for proper transportation such as hiring a coach. Well, if you need help with the “things to do” section of your travel itinerary, why not start listing down some of Melbourne’s top shopping destinations? From Chadstone Shopping Centre to Camberwell Market to DFO South Wharf, here is a helpful list of amazing shopping destinations you can consider in this bustling city!

Scally and Trombone @ Brunswick Street

Located at Brunswick Street, Scally and Trombone has become the hat-trick stalwart of Melbourne over the years. From bathing caps, bonnets, boaters, berets, beanies to bespoke cocktail hats, this shopping destination is a haven for any hat person. This unique and interesting hat emporium also offers a whimsical assortment of fanciful jewellery, stockings, scarves, antique-typewriter cufflinks and leather driving gloves! Also, the destination aims to bring back the old-world nostalgia of bathing suits and hats, which they have been very successful in.

INCU @ Albert Coates Lane

INCU is a renowned shopping establishment as well as being an astute and innovative boutique in Melbourne. Located at Albert Coates Lane, QV, INCU’s informed product mix features many brands, including the covetable likes of T by Alexander Wang, Rag and Bone, A.P.C, Vanishing Elephant, Isabel Mirant and Acne. When you are here, do check out their in-house brand called Weathered. It is created and designed by the talented buyers who stock the store.

Smart Alec @ Gertrude Street

Located at Gertrude Street, which is Melbourne’s eclectic fashion bazaar, Smart Alec is the perfect place for the modern gentleman who truly appreciates the role of the hat as an appendage to his aesthetics. If you have a tired vintage hat, consider bringing it down to get it restored by one of their well-informed hatters. Speaking of hats, there are panamas, fedoras, trilbies, boaters, top hats, berets and flat caps being tastefully crammed in the shopping destination. Also, they are sourced locally!

Braun Buffel @ Collins Street

Located on the ground floor of Shop G7 in Collins Street, Braun Buffel is the brainchild of craftsman Johann Braun. The brand is famous for producing leather school satchels, purses and carrier bags. For many years, Braun Buffel has relied firmly on its instinct to create products that exude timeless elegance and classic quality. While Braun Buffel has a global reputation for superior quality leather goods, its products’ price range are significantly lower than products made by Hermes, even though their qualities are very much on par. $500 vs. $10,000, which would you choose? If you have not heard the news, Melbourne is home to the only Braun Buffel store in Australia!

Elegantly Scant @ Degraves Street

Located at Degraves Street, Elegantly Scant is a true-blue Melbourne boutique that pays homage to the enduring friendship of Hollywood and lingerie. As you explore this one-of-a-kind shopping destination, you will be greeted by mirrored dressing tables that are adorned with antique perfume bottles, curvaceous mannequins with feather boas draped over, and a chandelier with frilly knickers hanging from it. What a visual treat! Every product that you see here is a triumph of craftsmanship. What’s more, they are individually sewn to provide a supportive and flattering fit.

Lady Petrova @ Flinders Lane

Located on Flinders Lane, Lady Petrova is a shopping destination that’s so sweet and is regarded as a grown-up equivalent of a dress-up box. The elusive mastermind behind the store’s house label is Petrova Hammond. The designer is in charge of curating the racks with a delightful mix of pastels, bows, frills and shoes from local and international brands. This is the perfect shopping destination for girls to develop their unique style and build their fashion confidence!

Fame Agenda @ Melbourne Central

If you itching to do some shopping, consider heading down to Melbourne Central today! At level 2, you will find Fame Agenda. Be sure to pay close attention as the shop is almost camouflaged against a backdrop of chain stores. Fame Agenda features a covetable line-up of labels (including their own house label!) such as Gary Bigeni, Staple, Sretsis, Karen Walker and more. If you are a fan of slick prints, their in-house label is famous for that!

Retrostar @ Swanston Street

Located in Nicholson Building and at Swanston Street, Retrostar is the largest vintage store in Australia. From clothes that feature psychedelic prints, cowboy boots that make you go “Yee-haw!” to vintage denim from around the world; Retrostar is the perfect place to find styles from the 1940s through to the 1980s.

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time with your travel companions, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of coach hire in Melbourne. This is a good way to make touring convenient and comfortable. You and your travel buddies can get to and from shopping destinations without breaking into a sweat. What’s more, there’s lots of room on the bus to hold all the shopping bags!

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