Expensive Travel Pursuits In Sydney

Expensive Travel Pursuits In Sydney

Use Premier Coach Hire in Sydney for Luxurious Travel Pursuits in the City!

The vibrant city of Sydney is buzzing with activities throughout the year, and there’s no doubt that this globally recognized cosmopolitan city is a multiethnic hub of culture, creativity and business. Above and beyond its beauty, there are a number of diverse pleasures you can enjoy if you are willing to spend lavishly. Let’s take a look at where premier coach hire in Sydney can bring you for a luxurious good time!

Sip Unique Cocktails at the Bulletin Palace

Get ready your credit card and order whatever cocktail you fancy here, and you are sure to be amazed by the taste and feel of the same. Some of the best fruit-driven seasonal cocktails await you at the bar. For example, the raspberry cocktail is sure to melt your heart away – it’s almost like a blushing martini. Lemon juice, dry sherry, bitters and gin get mixed with fresh berries in a ratio that preserves the original flavour of the gin, leading to an elegant taste.

If you are looking for something more expensive and scrumptious, try the Rhuby Tuesday which blends the creamy flavours of Cognac and rhubarb, along with an extra dose of lemon. There’s something available for all types of seasons. The interior features some botanical prints, peacock mural, and a couple of trademark rolls, one for showcasing the premium whiskies, and the other for scrolling down the drink list. At this place there’s nothing like choosing a favourite.  These guys will give a unique taste to a level of booze you can’t imagine. So if you are looking to drop some real cash on a variety of cocktails, Bulletin Palace is the place to be.

Dine at the Silver Eye Restaurant

A restaurant with a specialization in a 17-course degustation is not something you will find at every corner of the street. This posh restaurant is under the guidance of a head chef who has worked under the influence of world class chefs at the third best restaurant in the world, Noma. There are a couple of menus to choose from, including the shorter and longer course, and while you make that decision, it’s a good idea to sip some cocktails at the bar downstairs.

The menu keeps changing depending upon the particular day, and no matter which way you choose, they’ll start with a pork crackle dusted with seed powder, followed by a succession of snacks including sunflower flatbreads, pickled zucchini, roast shrimp butter, roast sunflower mayo and cannolis.

The interior is set with timber tables in a Nordic style with soft lighting and kitchen with low-level benches that would make you feel like sitting in someone’s kitchen. Just like great art invokes pleasure, so does great food, and that’s what Silver Eye does. It’s certainly not cheap, but the quality you get is worth the price you pay.

Australian Wildlife 4WD Tour from Sydney

Venture out to witness some of the iconic animals in the pristine bushland of Southern Highlands as you go along with expert guides to spot wombats, emus, platypus, kangaroos, koala and a variety of wildlife habitats surviving in their own environments, rather than behind the bars. The tour is limited to a group of 10 people, and you’ll get an opportunity to interact more with the guide and enjoy a complete wildlife-spotting package.

Hardly a 90-minute drive from the central business district of Sydney, the tour is accompanied by a naturalist guide with a chance to learn about Australian wildlife comprising of unique wild animals resting in their respective habitats at daytime, and coming out to play at the night. If you go spotlighting in the dark, there are more chances to get some unforeseen glimpses of Australia’s native animals. The tour includes an afternoon tea in a country style dinner hosted by an Australian hotel, known to be one of the oldest pubs in the country.

Blue Mountain Small-Group Day Hikes

Move away from the hurly burly of the city and participate in a group day hike at the splendid Blue Mountains! Nothing can beat the biodiversity at this heritage-listed parkland which is enlightened with spectacular natural beauty, lush green rainforest, bush lands and panoramic views of the country.

An experienced local guide will steer you through the tracks, and you have an option to choose from a couple of hikes based on your fitness level. Hardly a couple of hours drive from the city, Blue Mountains is the starting point for an adventure that is ideal for anyone who loves nature and wants to discover its beauty by getting off the beaten track. The group sizes are kept small, so that you get personalized attention from the guide.

Given the flexibility of options, you can move along at a comfortable pace, and experience some of the best outdoor views in real-time rather than peeking through the windows of a car. The hike is followed by a gourmet picnic lunch, which is desperately required after an exhaustive bush trekking session. The wonderful feeling you get after completing the hike is simply exhilarating.

Hunter Valley Luncheon Tour by Helicopter

If you are looking for a truly unique adventure, a luxurious wining and dining experience awaits you at the Hunter Valley Luncheon Helicopter tour in Sydney, offering unparalleled views of the coastlines, iconic landmarks and the Sydney Opera House. The Hunter Valley region is popularly recognized for its vineyards and the stunning landscape. In the one-hour tour, you’ll glide past the amazing views of the city leaving the Harbour Bridge, Opera house, Hawkesbury River, Central Coast and the serene landscapes to finally enter the famous wineries in the region.

You also get to sample taste some of the exquisite wines, including the Shiraz and Semillon that the region has got to offer.  Enjoy a three-course gourmet lunch prepared by fresh local produce, as you sip a glass of complimentary wine at the cellar door. The tour is wrapped up with another session of panoramic views across the countryside.

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