Expensive Travel Pursuits In Brisbane

Expensive Travel Pursuits In Brisbane

Use the Best Bus Hire in Brisbane to Fulfill These Luxury Pursuits!

Brisbane is a beautiful city with great holiday opportunities for well-heeled individuals in quest of expensive travel pursuits. The city has got to offer some quality travel activities right from world-class dining options to unique tour adventures – all you can easily put into your itinerary with stellar bus hire in Brisbane. Here are a few lavish travel opportunities for those who seek the finest things in life:

Brisbane River Helicopter Flight from Kholo

Imagine the thrill of flying over Kholo at a low level, almost touching the Brisbane River! This 25-minute helicopter ride will make you feel like a bird which glides past the air, as the refreshing breeze cuts through the wings and makes way for some of the greatest sights in line.  Running to and fro from Fernvale and Lake Manchester, the flight takes you through a twisting ride, with an opportunity to witness incredibly amazing sights. You are literally paying for that particular feeling of excitement!

Throughout the entire pursuit, the flight will be kept in low-alignment with the Brisbane River, so that you are able to enjoy the implausible sights in real-time. No relevant experience is required for this ride; the professional pilot will take good care of your safety ensuring appropriate measures till the time you glide through the sky. On-board live commentary will keep you informed with valuable tips provided by the pilot along the ride.

O’Reilly’s Lamington National Park Tour

A 2-day trip to the UNESCO listed Lamington National Park will take you on a journey through pristine waterfalls, lush green rainforests, bushlands, and a wide variety of flora and fauna including the unique marbled frogmouths, whirring tree frogs, sugar gliders and glow worms. Added to the list is the historic O’Relly’s Rainforest Guesthouse, offering expansive views of the park from a central location.

Starting from Brisbane, the tour kicks off with a calm trek upwards through the lush rainforest of Lamington Plateau, followed by a visit to Mount Tambourine providing fabulous panoramic views of the blue Pacific Ocean and the Gold Coast. Absorb the refreshing air at an elevated height, as you sip a cup of morning tea. Move forward to the beautiful Green Mountains, and stop by at the Gallery Walk Retail precinct to linger your taste buds with some exquisite wines at the Mount Tambourine Winery.  

Once you check into the guesthouse, you’ll have the entire afternoon to explore the wonderland in its best shape.  With more than 500 waterfalls and mountain lookouts, in addition to 160km walking stretch at the Lamington National Park, you simply cannot ask for more.  Experience the dry eucalypt forest of the low-lying valleys, warm sub-tropical areas and the moderate beech forest high on the altitudes.

Moreton Island Snorkel and Sand Boarding 4WD Day Trip from Brisbane

Enjoy two of the most breathtaking activities at the Moreton Island, as you onboard the sand dunes on the islands and snorkel though the diverse marine ecosystem of Queensland.  This adrenaline-filled adventure comes with a complete package of pristine beaches, wonderful sceneries and abundance of marine life.  The day trip starts with a luxury cruise from the Moreton Bay to the Island, which is known to be the third largest sand island in the world.  

The tour will take you through the rich greenery, dense eucalypt forests, and the desert, where you’ll take on the exhilarating sand-boarding activity with speeds up to 50km/hr. This is the perfect place to experience a real-time thrill and is suited for people of all ages. After the adventure, you can relax by the white sandy beach and have the freshly prepared lunch, following which you’ll be taken on a snorkel tour around 15 shipwrecks offering great snorkelling opportunities for the junkies.

Get ready to spot a wide range of marine wildlife including clown fish, blue-tang surgeon fish, and the big-eye trevally. You have an option to kayak around the Tangalooma shipwrecks, if you do not really prefer snorkelling. Absorb the views from the above to get a completely different perspective of the beautiful Moreton Bay and the wonderful sceneries.

Lavish Dining Experience at the Esquire

Known to be one of the most upscale dining spots in the city of Brisbane, the Esquire has a flagrant sense of game-lifting that sets very high standards among the quality restaurants across the globe.  The stylish, Scandi-sophisticated room and the exceptional service team set an ideal polished stage for delectable cuisines prepared by the head chef Ryan Squires.  

The wide varieties of wines have been smartly fabricated into the list to match the ambiance of this place.  The course degustation starts with lamb tongue pastrami skewed on lemon twigs, fried leeks with miso, buffalo crisps and boar lomo. The awesomeness is carried over to scrupulously created blue mackerel crudo served with potato balls and malt gaze along with glossy beer.  

The appetizing course wraps up with a lemon sherbet, lemon curd with honey and a dessert of chamomile granite. This is one mouth-watering experience that is precisely executed to match the price tag it brags.

Taste Some of the Finest Brews at the Charming Squire

The Charming Squire is situated in close proximity to the Brisbane Entertainment and Convention Centre, boasting of a spacious area intricately designed in a way to honour the inspiring life of James Squire. He’s the fascinating popular figure who was once a convict, and later turned into a brewer who has set very high standards for some of the most savoury beers admired by one and all. The setting of this venue has been carried out in a manner that persuades the customers to get a thorough knowledge about the process behind brewing award-winning beers, and the kind of flavours blended to add a touch of elegance.

Evoking a sense of history and lingering taste buds, the James Squire has a wide-ranging menu with some exceptional ciders and craft beers on tap; something that even James would have enjoyed drinking. In addition to the bar area, there are separate function spaces and a restaurant offering some of purest meat recipes. The delicious meal paired with pricey beer is a perfect amalgamation of robust flavours and scrumptious taste.

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