Australian Destinations For The Ultimate Horse Back Riding Experience

Australian Destinations For The Ultimate Horse Back Riding Experience

Visit Australia’s Best Horse Back Riding Spots

With its unending stretch of golden beaches and promise of outback adventures, Australia is an ideal destination for a complete horseback riding experience. Whether you want to recreate the wonder of the Man from Snowy River, gallop along serene surf beaches, take part in a cattle drive or embark on a pub for a local pub ride, Australia has got you covered.  If you are looking to venture out to these horse riding spots, make sure to choose luxury minibus hire so that you can travel stylishly.

Kosciuzsko Park Ride

Experience the best of the continent on horseback as you ride past the unrivalled beauty of Kosciuszko National Park located in the Snowy Mountains. It’s a great opportunity to discover the region well renowned for its incredible Alpine wilderness, wild brumbies and rugged mountain horsemen. Untouched by the moving time and gifted with a wealth of natural riches, the hidden valleys and caves of the park are yours to explore.

Starting from the lush mountain peaks, assess the valley underneath marked by natural watering holes and streams. Ride over the plains where you can find bush horses roaming, as you explore high country huts and limestone caves, before soaking up some refreshment in isolated mountain streams. After a tiring horse ride throughout the course of the day, sit back and relax with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the Australian High Country.

Comboyne Plateau and Beach Ride

Providing a high quality equestrian experience both on intermediate and well trained horses, the Comboyne Ride offers an ultimate horseback riding experience to riders of all abilities. From riding through lush farmland and stunning forest to a more isolated equestrian farm on an undisturbed property, the region has got a lot to offer.

Ride through the diverse landscape of Mid North Coast in New South Wales to see amazing wilderness in their splendid natural habitat, with pockets of creek crossings, waterfalls, historic timber railway lines, eucalypt forests and rain forests. Pass through the rolling farmland, as you trek up and descend along the vertical ridges. Stop by along the way to visit a local vineyard before riding past the long deserted beaches.  The Comboyne Plateau is itself a magnificent sight with an elevated farming region of green rolling hills, and the breathtaking skyline in the backdrop.

Gold Rush Trail and Beach Ride

Ride along the bush trails and beach of Noosa, without missing out on South Burnett, Fraser Coast and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Gallop through a variety of rainforests and bushlands, and feel amazed to witness the rich wildlife of native Australian birds, koalas and kangaroos. Experience a world class horse riding experience on the back of Aussie Stock Horses. When the ride heads inland, you have an opportunity to muster cattle at some great canters over the broad open beaches.

The climatic conditions in this region are known to be the best with mild winters and moderate summers. Given the favourable weather, it’s quite popular for a smooth horse riding experience throughout the year.  After a tiring ride, take out some time to unwind yourself with a relaxing swim at a beach resort with spa facilities.   

Mornington Peninsula Ride

Galloping through the shallows on a barren Mornington Peninsula beach is in itself a soothing experience, to say the least.  Hit the extensive sandy beaches of peninsula that are just about perfect for a horse ride. Go past the rugged bushlands to St Andrews Ocean beach to witness the horses frolicking in the waves. Reward yourself with spectacular views of the Port Philip Bay as you load up for trail rides through the scrub around Arthurs Seat.

When in Mornington, don’t miss out on visiting the Ace-Hi ranch spread across an area of 200 acres. With the horses grazing on wide green pastures, the farm is itself like a little town offering exceptional horse riding facility. Catering to all sorts of horse riders, from novice to experienced, the Ace-Hi ranch comprises of themed facilities including old train carriages, cabins and wagons.  Even seven years old can gallop in this splendid setting.

Rainbow Beach Ride

Known to be one of the most beautifully vibrant beaches in Australia, the Rainbow Beach ride is something that will mount you for a thrilling ride. Enjoy a picturesque route along golden sands and bushland trails, as you ride past the breathtaking ocean backdrop. Suiting beginners and expert riders alike, the spot is perfect for a smooth ride. Soak up the breathtaking views of the dunes and the beaches.

The riding experience is going to be an ultimate one with fantastic views of the Fraser Island, Double Island Point and the Coloured Sands. The 90-minute ride will be guided by an expert, and minimum age to undertake the activity is 10 years.  You can customize the ride according to your preferences, and choose viable riding options to suit your ability.

Centennial Parklands Ride

Last, but not the least, the Centennial Parklands is set beautifully with fields, ponds and trees outlining an ideal space for riding stuff. Offering 1-hour guided rides in the park, the Equestrian Centre has 5 riding schools. It doesn’t matter whether you have ridden a horse before or not. All the centres have highly trained horses for inexperienced riders.  Children below five can also take a pony ride, while the old kids can try their hands on something more challenging.

Pony camps are basically scheduled during school holidays, when families can plan a day out at the Golden Ridge Animal Farm, where kids can feed goats and lambs, milk a cow and have a pony ride. If you are looking for some more adventure, head a little north of the city on the Central Coast to a sprawling beauty of 1200 acres, offering exceptional horseback riding experience in the greater parts of the state.

If you are travelling in a group to any of these destinations, make sure to hire a luxury minibus for a comfortably lavish ride, which in itself is a splendid experience for your entire entourage!

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