A List Of Photogenic Locations In Sydney

A List Of Photogenic Locations In Sydney

Choose Luxury Minibus Hire In Sydney To Visit These Photogenic Locations

In comparison to most other casual travellers, photographers have a different way of exploring a place, with the lens in hand and in quest of that one click with perfect composition and lighting. They always look for a perfect angle and some disposition. The city of Sydney has got to offer exceptional photo opportunities with classic metropolitan and shoreline views. Let us take a look at some of the top photogenic locations in the city that can be conveniently accessed by using luxury Sydney minibus hire.


Located below the intersection of South Drive and Broughton Street, this lookout is a crowded spot for photographers of all abilities. It’s a nice flat space with seats lined up at the harbor bank, providing expansive views of the Harbour Bridge and the city. The best time to photograph at this spot is right before the dawn at the onset of sunrise, and then in the evening, around an hour after the sunset. Its better you come in early morning to avoid the rush in evening time. A mid-range lens would be perfect for an ideal city skyline shot, while a wide-angled lens is suitable for the Harbour Bridge.

Macquarie’s Point

There are two different vantage points at the Mrs Macquarie’s, both offering a slightly different angle to the photographer. One of them is the walking pathway on the Farm Cove bay bank, and right above it is the Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. The latter is an elevated spot offering excellent views of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, while the pathway offers a similar view from a lower point. Both sunrise and sunset are the best times for clicking some wide-angle shots. Depending upon what you are looking to shoot, you may need full-range lenses, and an extra battery just in case you run out of one!

Milson’s Point

Located near the entrance of Luna Park at the ferry wharf, the Milson’s Point Lookout provides exceptional angle of the city skyline, Sydney Opera House and the iconic Harbour Bridge structure. Since the bridge is quite close to the viewpoint, you need either wide-angle or ultra-wide lens for an ideal snap. The best time for a photo-walk at this place is late in the afternoon, near the dusk time, or after the sunset for a perfect composition of light and exposure.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

If you are looking for a unique photographic angle of the city’s horizon and the harbor, head towards the South East Pylon of the Harbour Bridge at the Pylon Lookout. The spot can be accessed from the city side using the bridge stairs pathway on the eastern end of the bridge, or you can also get down at the Milson’s Point Railway station. Afternoon and pre-dusk is the best time to pay a visit. You’ll not be able to click the sunrise and sunset, as the venue can only be accessed from 10 AM to 5 PM.

McMahons Point

Located at the end of Blues Point Road, the McMahons Point is an ideal spot for soaking up unmatched views of the harbor and the city. Getting down to this place is itself a photographer’s delight as you get a chance to capture the blend of sea and sky with a ferry ride through Parramatta River and Darling Harbour. Make sure you reach the spot early in the morning to avoid too much crowd. You can take some great wide-angle shots from this spot, or also settle for tele-photo shots in the late afternoon time.

Cremorne Wharf

Located in Cremorne Point at the end of Milson Road, the Cremorne Wharf offers panoramic views of the Sydney Opera House and the city skyline. You can use ferry to get there, especially if you are looking for a sunset or sunrise shot. One should adjust the lighting and exposure depending upon what time of the day you are visiting the spot; whether it is around sunset, sunrise or before dawn. Based on what you want to capture and in what intensity, you may need full range of lenses.

Botanical Garden

Located right next to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Botanical Gardens is one amazing spot for nature photography with lush greenery, ponds, birds, and the light traces taking your eyes into the urban setting. Right in the middle of the garden, is the elegant farm cove bay where you can shoot the illuminated sky scrapers around half an hour after sunrise. Play with your composition and move around your eyes to hit an ideal subject.

Balls Head, Waverton

Hardly a 5-minute walk from the Waverton station, the Balls Head is a spectacular bush reserve, which offers breathtaking views of the Balmain, Darling Harbour, the city and the Harbour Bridge. More importantly, there’s enough space for parking at this drive. Ideal time for shooting at this venue is around sunset, sunrise, pre-dawn and up to 1 hour after sunset.

Newtown Cemetery

It might sound like an unusual photography spot, but the Newtown Cemetery in the plot of the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church is a quirky corner in the city, yet a unique site for taking photos, especially the grayscale ones. The best time to pay a visit is early-afternoon, since the shadows may become dark right at the middle of the day. Trying to explore it at night can be no less than a horror movie. Make sure to take your tripods if you are looking to target different angles with varied exposure.

Bradley’s Head

Located at the end of Bradley’s Head Road in Mosman, this viewpoint is from a small cape on the Sydney Harbor offering panoramic views of the city skyline, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Currently, it’s a part of a National Park thus providing exceptional nature photography opportunities for people of all abilities. Based on your target subject, you may require wide-angle lenses or the full-range ones to capture the motion. Generally, sunrise, pre-dawn and sunset time are the best for making the most of this spot.

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