A Guide To Fine Dining In Brisbane

A Guide To Fine Dining In Brisbane

Brisbane may not be known as the prime culinary delight in Australia, but the ever-increasing diversity and cooking talents have lead to a wide range of dining spots in the city. With a strong sub-continental influence, dining precincts and the Brisbane River in the backdrop, the city of Brisbane has lots to offer a diner who prefers quality over anything else. While it may not stand ahead of more popular dining spots in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but it certainly has some gems you need to explore. If you have just landed in the city, reward you and your group with a fabulous meal by checking out one of these venues using coach hire services in Brisbane.

The Burrow

The Burrow is a dual level restaurant with relaxed, laid back and entirely unpretentious atmosphere that provides an eclectic mix of indie style and modern vibe with a mixture of alcoholic beverages, coffees, and breakfasts under one roof.  It’s basically a Swiss kind of an eatery serving as a pizza joint, hangout precinct, pub and café in a dual-level layout with woody décor and rustic design offering an expansive view from the upstairs veranda.

The restaurant offers you regular, yet standard breakfast items including the egg benedict and bacon, in addition to twisted menus that create the diversity. You’ll find unique blend of flavours that speaks volumes of staff’s creativity, with some special mentions including halloumi, pork belly and Jaffa waffles. All the breakfast dishes served here are real value for the price you pay, and it makes for a refreshing break from the daily breakfast traditions.

Jellyfish Restaurant

Location plays a pivotal role in differentiating between a good dining experience and a wonderful one. This fact is quite true about the Brisbane’s seafood oriented Jellyfish restaurant which sits on a tranquil platform on the Eagle Street Pier overlooking the story bridge and the iconic Brisbane River. It’s a pleasant setting irrespective of the weather, and glimmering city lights at the night add an exceptional charm to the dining experience.

The exquisite seafood cuisine is known for its freshness and right fat content levels, with a variety of fishes to choose from. Some of the special mentions include rare species like Cobia and Toothfish, as well as the John Dory and Barramundi.  Add to this an alternative mix of oysters, lobsters and crabs. Also, jellyfish provides you with both raw dishes and cooked ones with its excellent fish-cut of sashimi.


As the name suggests, Beccofino is one of the many Italian restaurants in Brisbane, offering the right blend of ingredients, passion and flavour that makes for a perfect slice of Italy. One thing that sets apart this Italian eatery from the others is the fact that there is no reserved booking for this highly demanded spot. You are catered to, on a first come first serve basis, and while you wait for a vacant seat, you can have a drink or two at the bar.

Beccofino displays a great balance between quality and authenticity of Italian dishes, specially pizza, pasta and risotto that are prepared with some great skills.  There are also daily special meals available, and the friendly staff people make sure that you are briefly detailed about all sorts of dishes offered at the layout.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Japanese dishes are often criticized for twisting the recipes of western palate to modify the flavours, however the case is quite different at the Bird’s Nest Restaurant where yakitori skewers are a specialty which takes a simple idea to an all new level. The casual up-market setting with complete unpretentiousness is the best way to describe this place that will allow you to feel truly Japanese.

Grilled bird is what we refer to, when talking about Yakitori in Japanese, and this place infuses the flavours with expertly grilled and smoked pieces.  The standard parts of the breasts and thighs are cooked in a way that their texture come out to be pleasant on the palate. An all-skewer menu might sound too specific, but the dippings and flavours add variety to the taste. Come along with your friends or family for a bite, as you revel in the communal atmosphere that the eatery has got to offer.


Located at the Fortitude Valley, Tartufo reflects the characteristic taste of Napoli in full swing, with the signature dish, Pizza and much more. Set in an eternal European setting, this venue boasts of an excellent interior that demonstrates a sense of quality and style.  One can have a lively evening with an on-request option to seat away from the main crowd.

Things kick off pretty scrumptiously with the signature pizza that exhibits a perfect mix of chef skills and pizza base to make for one of the best in Brisbane.  If you have ever been to Italy and had the opportunity to bite onto primavera or the margarita, you certainly won’t be disappointed to taste the one here prepared with the same technique and maintained with same level of freshness.


All quality things come with a price tag and the Market Street’s Malt is no exception to this fact. With a guaranteed first class experience on offer, this spot displays elegance with high-end chic décor, live music and soft lighting that provides an ideal backdrop for a perfect dining. The ambiance makes it a preferred choice for many in Brisbane, who go for quality over quantity.

This dual-level layout consists of the main dining room upstairs and the rustic bar on the lower part for some pre-dinner booze. The artistically crafted dishes on the menu of Malt brims with ideally balanced flavours with spectacular presentation that would only make you feel paying more for the visual treat. Some of the top picks include wagyu sirloin, signature Malt Brownie, tempura zucchini flowers, kingfish in bug sauce, carpaccio foie gras combo and the rich flavourful desserts.

If you are here in Brisbane for the first time, it’s a wise option to choose Brisbane coach hire  for a hassle-free journey through the city. Not only can you reach these dining spots in style, you will be guaranteed convenient travelling to other shopping destinations or travel attractions with equal ease.

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